Here’s my Physician makeup test with the glasses and tricorne

Here’s a Marth and Ike wallpaper for you Fire Emblem fans :D

Sometimes I wish I could rip my emotions out of my body. I can’t ever express my feelings or emotions… Like I do sometimes but I never know how. Usually that’s why I draw, to make an artwork that somehow shows what I feel. My best artworks come out of when I’m depressed or frustrated. Only I know what my emotions are, and lately I’ve felt almost all at once… Sometimes I wish I never felt anything, but I am human and will continue to have emotions. Life can be interesting and complicated and we certainly are complicated in how we’re made.

(This face Cloud is making shows you how I feel most of the time)

Awe Zeldas!! I really want to Cosplay Ocarina Zelda now :O

Link + DLC Costumes

Well link is looking pretty fine lol. AHHHHHHH I just LOVE LINK SO MUCH.

Yes we do share the same sky! T,T I’m sorry but this gets to me because all of my friends live far away…

Failure -- [x]

Aw Xion T,T

Going to get my own I think

Well turns out I’ll be getting my own wii u soon… Our family has one but at the moment no one can play on it… I’ve realized for a while that I need my own so I can play it when I want to. Now that I start my job this week, this’ll be easier to be able to do. Sure it’ll take a while but it’s really necessary. Because right now I can’t talk to any of my Wii U friends, or play any wii u game.

AWE POOR CAP T,T Can’t even break a lock >,<

Oh gosh, the way Arno looks at her you can tell he’s in love with her. I mean look at them both