Oh gosh, the way Arno looks at her you can tell he’s in love with her. I mean look at them both


LOL wow XD

o,0 :D. OOH I love these!

Great Fairy Of Power

Okay I’m just glad we can’t play as the great fairy. But I think she looks pretty. They redid the female characters so well for this game. I’m totally going to be playing as Midna,Ruto,Zelda,Agitha and to freak my friend out Darunia. She doesn’t like gorons so I’m gonna chase her around as him XD.




What once was mine.

T,T aw my feels!


Guys that is right! Thanks to my friend Ellie we both got a job! The best part is I’ll be working alongside my best friend :D

Here’s the shoulder pieces for the Physician!

Lol YES! I do indeed fight for my friends!

Wow I love kadaj :D