Here’s my AC4 gun. I spent 3 hours earlier on this but it’s nowhere near done. It’s a great start to what I think will be an alright looking Cosplayer prop.



LOL poor Chrom


"Do you know the fate of his mother?... Her welfare consumes him. He has been mumbling deliriously about her almost constantly..."

Awe T,T

Here’s my Adrian Flood aka the Cutthroat for my friend Miguel!


Gift for pop-six-squish :) Here you go my dear - Hilary Flint
as per your customisation :)



Next in the ACMP requests the physician for the very lovely samejayanotherday


AC4 fun matches.

Okay it’s story time on AC4. I was online and Silverpsyco invited me to a private match. I join his team but I’m disconnected. He then invites me again and I join his side of the match again. Well I asses who’s on the other team… Everyone in this match is Prestige.

Opposing team had
And shadow something I can’t remember his name.

Our team had
TheHylianSHIELD (me)

So I realize these teams aren’t very fair and it’s Artifact Assault. I am guarding because that’s my forte. Silver and Garald are going to steal it when I realize Darkblazingstar and Peridyd are over in my zone. Darkblazingstar runs up over the top of a building but isn’t trying to steal the artifact. I shoot him because Peridyd is sneaking around while I’m distracted on dark. I kill them both and Silverpsyco just scored for our team. At one point Peridyd teleports right in front of me and I kill him lol. I could tell by how him and Darkblazingstar were playing that they were a little frustrated, I can see why. They tried many different strategies to try and take the artifact. They did score one but they double teamed me to do so lol. I get slapped by Darkblazingstar and Peridyd takes off with our artifact. Dark escorted Peridyd all the way back with me in pursuit. So that match ended with their team scoring 1 and ours had 5

So this is what I hear over the mic. Peridyd and Darkblazingstar said ” Hey that’s not fair, you guys got Hylian”! I was in total shock, I didn’t think I was THAT I mattered much to a team. Dark said something about them having a good player on their team and tells me I’m a really good defender. That boosted my confidence because I always feel like I do an awful job.

Match 2 (my turn to lose and it’s a loss I am forever humiliated by)

Teams switch up

Opposing team

Our team
HylianSHIELD (me)
Shadow something

Yeah Bori left our team then rejoins on the other team… Now I know how good Dark,Silver, and Sonic are. So I prepared for an epic defeat.

I put all my traps in place and the map is Palenque. Soon enough Darkblazingstar is over here, I think he’d teleported in but I think I killed him. I dreaded seeing his name pop up on my zone, I was like OH NO WHERE IS HE AND WHO’S COMING IN AFTER HIM. I then see 3 of them were in my zone, shadow was also defending with me. Gerald was trying hard to steal it but Sonic kept getting him. Shadow had gotten 1 of them then was trying to escort Gerald. So I’m alone In my zone… I see Bori so I kill him. Dark takes my artifact and Silver stuns me… Then I stay stunned for enough time for 2 artifacts of mine to be scored by their team. :/ I was like CRAP I am useless and then in trots Dark. He slaps me and takes the artifact, silver threw a smoke bomb on me insuring I can’t do anything. I GET UP, and I run as good as I can and I can see my artifact. I was like 2 yards from being able to kill him when he runs through a chase breaker. I was forced to climb a wall and then I see 3 of them there looking right at me. They knew I had almost made it before they scored, I stay perched on that wall staring down at them all. They knew I had tried despite all they did to me. I see one of them pull out their gun and I’d hoped it wasn’t Darkblazingstar who was gonna shoot me. It was Sonic2thunder, I stayed put and let him shoot me cause I knew I couldn’t get their artifact. Each player on their team was prestige 14 or higher. My team had a prestige 3 and a 6. I’m prestige 15.

I was forever mortified at just how powerful they were. I knew we’d lose, I knew we had 0% chance of a win but we tried even with our 3 players.

This is what happens on our private matches. I have fun but I also dread which teams people were gonna do. So i got some good feelings mostly from these matches. And I study what everyone else does when they play so I am better prepared for the next time we play.

I now take a minute to acknowledge how attractive this man is. IKE, okay I am obsessed with him. I mean just look at him :3. And he fights for his friends and I just admire that okay. Okay I’m done fangirling over Ike.



If you wanna date a boy then date a boy who is short, blond and handsome. Date a boy whose actions speak louder than words. Date a boy who’s brave. Date a boy who likes sleeping. Date a boy who would save a kingdom for you. Date a boy who loves horseback riding, and is very skilled with a sword. A boy whose spirit is the same as the legendary Hero’s. 

Link. Date Link. 

YES OKAY! I LOVE LINK but I know another who’s good at wielding a sword and that’s IKE! Hehe Link and Ike are EPICALLY HANDSOME!