Here’s my hidden blade with the full straps added. I’m very happy with this considering my last 3 attempts failed.

80 followers o,o. Thanks so much guys for the following! I honestly didn’t ever expect many haha but I’m glad you’re all here. And feel free to ask any questions if you have any

here’s some AC4 weapons so far for my Physician!

The scalpel and Syringe were made with Instamorph and the gun is made from toilet paper roll tubes. Yes you heard me correctly XD. Never rule a material out because it doesn’t seem useful. Imagination goes a long way with props. Never give up if your original plan doesn’t work, because you might find something better to use. Like I did for my gun.


The Dandy

Cosplay by Drunkzio Cosplay

Photo by Phoenix Feather works

OH MY GOSH FINALLY I SEE A DANDY COSPLAYER!!! :D This is so amazing like I’m instantly following because of thsi right here!


Never Forget.

Oh my gosh… I remember seeing this happen on the news before school… This is an event we will never forget…



The power of Cosplay


Yeah wow


Faron Woods
Link from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Costume made and modeled by PikminLink

I wish I could make Cosplays as good as pikminlinks! I mean mine look ok I guess but pikminlinks are superb and epic

oh my gosh! That Ocarina Link <3

Awwww <3 Thank you sooooo much for your lovely words :D Big hug to you <3assassin1513

You’re so welcome!!!! :D awe big hugs to you too!!