And here’s what Cosplay makeup can do for you :D. You can tell it’s still me but I make the makeup looks for these characters work with my face. Let’s face it not all of us can look exactly like these characters. Especially me, and I’ve grown to like what the makeup looks like on me. I do encourage people to at least wear foundation, okay it’ll look better for photos.

So this is all for the physicians belt and details 0,0. And of coarse I can’t sit down in this XD.


Kingdom Hearts Cosplay
"You are the one who will open the door…"

Wow this is AWESOME





I drew this on Art Academy today


Captain America under fire

:O wow

Here’s my Axe for the Physician

Ignis + fire (ha, ha)»

Okay wow. got it Ignis will ignite things with fire XD.

They are a Blessing.

I need to say that my parents are truly a blessing to me!. Most people don’t like their parents because of some rules/chores/ or something other that they make you do. I now see that they’ve protected me when I was younger by having all of these rules and chores. See a kid can’t really see the world as it is, they don’t see possible threats wereas parents are mature and know what is really out there. Chores make a person responsible, and grow you in doing what needs to be done. And boy am I glad that I have good parents.

I will never hate my parents for how they raised me. Because it builded my character so much. Parents are put in your life by God and are there for a reason. Don’t disrespect what’s been given to you because it is truly a gift that should be treasured.